Sunday, September 25, 2011

Photo of the day, #230

Hint: It's a household item
Happy Sunday! It's another gorgeous day here! It's a great day for ice cream! But then again, ice cream is good anytime, anywhere. Today's thingamajig comes in many colours and styles. It could be made of plastic or some kind of metal. You can find these indoors. What is this?


  1. I think it's those horizontal fan things. One of them.

  2. I think that is a Heating/Airconditioning vent.

  3. air conditioner grate? oh and you have comments turned on normal

  4. o_O.. I been looking at this thingamajig for minutes and I still have no idea.. It can't be a fork because you did it already!

    For now, all I can think of is an air vent/ fan cover of some sort or chair :/ Later on, maybe I'd figure it out.

    You enjoy that ice cream shutterbug! :D It better be chocolate!

  5. part of a computer casing/housing?