Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Photo of the day, #168

Hint: It's usually white.
Hey everyone! Thanks for spending time on your computer instead of going outside and enjoying the summer weather. It's so nice of you! Today's thingamajig is something that you would probably own if you have pets. You can buy them pretty much everywhere. I have seen them at supermarkets and home improvement stores. They are inexpensive and quite handy to have around. What is it?


  1. ...if you have pets? I first thought it was medical tape, but now I'm confused...

    Is it... poop-scoop bags?

  2. I can only think of.. leash.. Home improvement stores? D=

  3. lol at Come At Me Bro. also like the "US patent" that's visible. i'm going with lint roller.

  4. its one of those lint rollers!!

  5. ^ lol

    hmmmmm measuring tape? but i dont know why you would have that if you have pets.

    my other guess would be a leash

  6. I'm not sure.... You have been stumping me a lot lately. But I'm gonna venture a guess, and say that this is one of those retractable leashes that you can real in like a fishing line?