Thursday, June 30, 2011

Photo of the day, #145

Hint: It is often in a plastic wrap
Well hello again! Come here often? ;) Speaking of pick up lines, don't ever use that one. It's cheesy and doesn't work. In fact, pick up lines just about never work. It's best to avoid them altogether. Anyways, today's thingamajig can be bought at your local supermarket. And it is good with bacon! ;) What is it?


  1. Well that's a silly lead-in. EVERYTHING is good with bacon!!

  2. I would say bread. It looks kind of like a bumpy french baguette...

  3. Uhm.. Tamarind?

    Also, pick up lines can totally work if you do it with the purpose of being cheesy. Depends on the personality, but my friend does it along with some lame jokes and it's like magic.

  4. but but but everything is good with bacon!!

  5. i think pick up lines are meant to be corny, to relieve tension ya know. I don't think they are meant to woo anybody into falling for you. Just my opinion, I never use them anyway.

  6. Look like creepy alien fingers. They don't usually come in plastic though...

  7. I'm stuck. But I have lots of guesses...

    -Some sort of packaged cookie/cracker?
    -Frozen hamburgers?
    -French fries? (this was my first thought and I know it's wrong)

    Yeah, I give up. =(