Saturday, May 28, 2011

Photo of the day, #112

Hint: you can find this at restaurants
It's Saturday! Yay! The sun is shining and I'm in a good mood!! Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far. Today's thingamajig is small enough to fit inside your wallet, but most people wouldn't keep this in their wallets. They may keep it in a cupboard. What is it?


  1. They are coffee stirrers or just stirrers in general :)

  2. I was going to say chopsticks but they wouldn't fit in your wallet. Or cocktail sticks but they don't look sharp enough. Hmmm I don't know.

  3. At first I thought chopsticks, but not with the various shapes and sizes.

    I'm saying toothpicks. My dad had one made of ivory, and he actually kept it in his wallet! Go fig.

  4. Coffee stirrers??

    Since I don't know many restaurants that have toothpicks displayed like that on the table... Yes, I know I go to cheap resturants.

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